5 Ways for Selfcare in a Busy Schedule

5 Ways for Selfcare in a Busy Schedule
by Debora Accola

We all know it, the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day. Our days are often packed with endless to-do lists, appointments and obligations. Time for ourselves often remains very little, if at all. Yet the so-called ME-time is very important. Only those who nourish themselves, take care of themselves, can nourish others and be there for others. An empty tank doesn't have much to give and it's even more important to fill it up with goodness. 

Here are 5 ways to bring a moment of slow-pace into daily life, without much effort. Not only will this automatically fill up the tank, but also make one more energised and stay more centred to keep the cool during stressful times.

  1. Taking it seriously

We should compare self-care time with important doctor appointments. Do we cancel a dentist or a doctor’s appointment 30 minutes before? That’s how self-care time should be approached. Sticking to a planned schedule with ‘me-time’ is important and therefore should be marked in the calendar. This is just as important as a doctor’s or a business appointment.

  1. Choosing the right morning routine

How we start our days is hugely important. In the 21st century we tend to start the day by checking out mail boxes or social media in the tiring digital world. This is a great distraction that is focusing most of your energy to the outer world. Creating a better morning routine can help to start the day nourished and in power. 

Think of mindfulness. Even though this is a broad term, there is a method of mindfulness for everyone. Perhaps a breathing exercise, meditation or some yoga and stretching, going out to get some fresh air, listening to a podcast… finding what’s right and taking a few minutes each day to start the day in a more mindful way helps to nourish our soul.

  1. Being gentle

This point is especially true for the female readers here. Our hormones and our cycle are not made to give 100% every day. There are simply days when the energy level is low. Especially on such days it is important to remember: BE GENTLE. 

Women must be kinder to themselves, thank their bodies even more for all the things it always does for them. They should nurture their inner child, give it extra love, and a self-hug.

In our fast-paced world, we are always doing our best and if that means not cooking anything fresh today or skipping a workout for once, that's okay. We must always focus on listening to our body. What is it signalling? Our body talks to us everyday and giving it what it needs is not that difficult.

  1. Focusing on breathing

Setting a timer 2-3 times a day and focusing completely on breathing for 2-3 minutes is a good start. A short break can often work wonders, especially when we are stressed and overwhelmed. This way we can leave everything behind and fully be in the moment, even for a few minutes. It doesn’t take much to see things more clearly, have a bit more focus and energy. 

  1. Appreciating the little things 

What brings joy from the bottom of our hearts? Perhaps a warm bath in the evening, a cup of warm tea, or perhaps a calming walk in the park? Making a list and writing down the things in daily life which bring joy is another good start. Then we must focus on how to incorporate these little things into our everyday lives. The more we incorporate these, the more nourished we can feel. 

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