Balear Deco: A Passion for Balearic Lifestyle

Balear Deco: A Passion for Balearic Lifestyle

Balear Deco of Annelie Johansson and her partner in life and business, Dennis Johansson, reveals a lifestyle filled with  art, inspiration and craftsmanship. 

Balearic Islands are the ultimate Mediterranean lifestyle destination. They are also filled with endless design and style inspirations. And by inspiration, we mean elegant yet care-free interiors that embody the art of slow-living in the Mediterranean. While soaking the Mediterranean sun, why not also appreciate handmade, exclusive pieces that surround you?

We recently came across Balear Deco on Instagram. A handmade and handpicked online interior shop with Scandinavian roots and a passion for the lifestyle that exists in the Balearic Islands. The founders Annelie and Dennis Johansson are believers of combining aesthetics with function. “A home is designed to be used and lived in. Only then it can be beautiful.” They are also crazy about handmade furnishings, hand-turned pots, and vintage details with a genuine emphasis on the southern, Mediterranean spirit.  

They share the love of the lifestyle that exists in the Mediterranean and the passion for beautiful things in the same style. In the end they decided to establish Balear Deco that is based on the same energy that lifestyle has to offer: relaxed, genuine, and warm.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Annelie Johansson: In the past I was a decorator and have worked with store concepts and later, in marketing in Scandinavia for many years. Dennis, my husband is an entrepreneur and has run various types of companies over the years ranging from restaurants, real estate, and media companies. Dennis is passionate about entrepreneurship; I am passionate about the creative part and interior design. We share the love of the lifestyle that exists in the Mediterranean and the passion for beautiful things in the same style.

What is Balear Deco? Could you explain what you are doing?

We all have dreams of doing something with the heart. That is exactly what we did when we founded the company. Balear Deco is created based on the passion for the fantastic lifestyle that exists in the Balearic Islands. Relaxed, nonchalance that sets a genuine, authentic, and lovable tone.

Over time, we have seen that there are beautiful, handicrafts around the Mediterranean, but that these do not reach the world, everything is local and offline. Many like us have a home around the Mediterranean that they love but also a work life on colder latitudes. The idea is that by way of Balear Deco you should be able to take home a piece of the Mediterranean, regardless of wherever you are in the world.

What has been the inspiration for it?

The plan was simple: to dare to let go and do something with the heart. We picked the lifestyle that we ourselves have always wanted to live and were inspired by the fantastic nature and lifestyle found in the Balearic Islands.

What does the Mediterranean style mean for you? How can it be achieved?

Authenticity, craftsmanship, art created with the heart for the love of it, uniquely hand-picked to name drop a few words that we associate with the style we had in our mind when we founded Balear Deco. We think it is hard to achieve this by just developing a concept. You must live it and love it!

What do you love most about your career?

That we have had the privilege of working with so many different parts, that we now have put together into our lifestyle brand. To succeed all the way, you need will, ability and competence.

How do you spend a day in the Balearic Islands? What is it like?

We are from Scandinavia and our feeling was that in Sweden you survive and by the Mediterranean, you live.

“In Sweden you survive and by the Mediterranean, you live.”
“In Sweden you survive and by the Mediterranean, you live.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your customer: Who is she, where is she from, and generally what is she looking for?

Our customers are from all over the world, but we see the greatest interest in Germany, England, Spain, and Sweden. She is looking for “one-of-a-kind” hand-picked and unique interior details and appreciates the craft. Instead of flat packages made in mass production which the world is overcrowded with, she goes for the original piece. And she likes this genuine feeling of the southern spirit.

What is your current favourite interior trend?

We prefer to talk about lifetime quality and about things that get more beautiful over the years. Balear Deco is not about trends it is about a lifestyle. We are not focusing on trends, more on style and environment. We pick up a lot of the inspiration at Pinterest and people and places we meet.

What is your favourite book/magazine on design? How about your favourite site?

An inspiring book is, The Bucket List: Places to Find Peace and Quiet. Of course, we find The Mediterranean Magazine very inspiring.

Tell us a little about your home. How do you define your interior style?

If we say it this way, everything you see on Balear Deco is photographed at our home.

Do you have pieces from Balear Deco?

Annelie Johansson: We live with Balear Deco! 😊 For example, sometimes I have a hard time putting up some of the vintage products for sale on the site because I love every piece we have and I kind of want to keep them all but of course it is not possible.

What is next for Balear Deco?

We have an exciting project that will be launched this autumn, which we would like to return to a little later.

What top tips could you give our readers on about interiors and styling?

Listen to your heart and combine aesthetics with function, then it will be even nicer. I usually think like this, if you see someone with an outfit that looks extremely uncomfortable in it, even if it is nice, it will not be as nice as someone with an outfit that is both nice and relaxed. It is the same with interiors. A home is not a museum. It is designed to be used and lived in. Only then it can be beautiful.

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