Best Greek Hideaways in Serifos

Best Greek Hideaways in Serifos

For those who want an authentic, calm and intimate experience, the smaller and less touristy Greek Islands of the Aegean are an unforgettable alternative, and Serifos is one of them. Here are our top Greek hideaways in Serifos.

Photo courtesy of Captain’s House Serifos ©

Greece is one of the most characteristic getaways in the Mediterranean. Apart from the mainland, there are 300 inhabited Greek islands to choose from, meaning it has many unexplored islands and coves. A majority of people around the world are familiar with Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes. Yet, beyond the beauty of those islands and the jet-set who visit them traditionally, there are rather secluded and beautiful islands. Serifos is one of them. As the hidden gem of the western Cyclades islands, Serifos is yet to be discovered by mass visitors. This island, which has carried hundreds of myths to this day, is famed for its raw beauty, sugar-cubed houses and incredible number of pristine beaches. Here are our top boutique spots to stay on the island, beautiful stories behind them, and what makes them different.


 Photo Courtesy of Captain’s House Serifos ©

Captain’s House is the answer to: traditional greek village holidays. The boutique hotel is an original stone town house in the lower part of Chora (the main village) in Serifos, owned by Emmy and Manos Peloponnisios. The house was built by the owners’ great grandfather, Captain Yiorghis Peloponnisios, at the end of the 19th century. 


Yiorghis Peloponnisios was born in Serifos in 1868 with an origin from a nautical family. He worked for several years as a pilot for the steamers and ships during their loading on the mining sites of Koutalas and Mega Livadi in Serifos. Emmy and Manos inherited the house in 2008 and their dream since then was to restore it with respect to its special characteristics. In 2017, they quit their busy life in Athens, moved to Serifos and concentrated on the restoration of the family house. The house has not witnessed any major changes and was restored to keep its original atmosphere.

                                                Photo courtesy of Captain’s House Serifos ©

The Concept and Type of Rooms

Captain’s House Serifos is a unique place with high ceilings and wooden floors. It is among the very few of the island as the traditional houses of Serifos are quite small. 

It also has dark red doors and windows, (instead of the classical Cycladic blue ones), that is said to be characteristic of more wealthy families. Some techniques, such as the marble technique in the hallway and the cornice that crowns the façade of the house are typical examples of neoclassical buildings.

Captain’s House has two bedrooms with iron double beds, ideal for two couples or friends and families (4 persons). The living room (traditionally called sala) was the official room of the house. It hosts the portrait of Captain Yiorghis, a traditional Cycladic sofa and a classic bayou with a marble top and a porcelain mirror. The house has a separate dining room, with the well-known buffet furniture and a very old candle light chandelier. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and one main bathroom with a bathtub. The terrace of the house allows guests to enjoy amazing views depending on where they sit; one can admire the impressive view to the hilltop castle or towards the sea.

Photo courtesy of Captain’s House Serifos ©

At the moment, Emma and Manos are finishing the last details on the cellar of the house. “The wine cellar was the first space of the whole building, constructed according to the typical Cycladic and Serifian architecture, long before the upper house. It will give the possibility to our guests to book the whole building, the main house and the cellar, and accommodate up to 8 persons.” 

“Serifos is a small island and we feel very lucky to be able to spend our time here. We have the chance to slow down in our everyday life, to be able to see the sunrise and the colours of the sunset every day, to take long walks by nature, connect with ourselves, and appreciate the small things,” say the owners. “We also enjoy taking care of our family’s old vineyards and cultivating our small garden with fresh vegetables. Our guests are the lucky ones to taste our homemade wine and our summer fruits!” Visiting Captain’s House is certainly an authentic, local experience. “Our guests are welcomed to our family’s old house and history that gives them the chance to travel back in time. Our hospitality comes straight from our heart and we are going beyond the mile for them.” 


Apart from staying at a beautiful, homely atmosphere of Captain’s House, guests would have access to fascinating local experiences at this location. When we asked Emma and Manos for some suggestions, on the top of the list was exploring Chora’s small alleys, watching the locals, having a traditional “ypovrihio” (vanilla sweet) at the most beautiful and colourful square of Cyclades. “Walking up to the top of the hill, where the Venetian castle was built in the 15th century, will give you the opportunity to have a panoramic view of the blue sea and the islands around Serifos. For the ones that want to go beyond the usual, finding yourself at the top of Chora at the sunrise, is an experience you will never forget!”

Walking the trails especially during spring while the herbs scents (thyme, wild lavender etc.) are all around, attending a “panighyri” (traditional religious feast) where the locals serve food and wine, exploring the iron mines at the south side of the island and their ruins that still stand in Mega Livadi and Koutalas Bay will complete the experience and give an holistic image of Serifos and its people.

Sustainable Management

Another point worth mentioning about Captain’s House is how Emma and Manos pay attention to all details concerning the house, the eco-practices they adopt for the management of the house and during guests stay, and the local treats we offer them. Top experience is the fresh eggs they provide guests from their chicken.

With a feeling of nostalgia, Captain’s House aims to be a place full of happy memories that guests will always want to return to.

For more information please visit their website on this link.


Pende offers three different accommodation types for those who want to experience an authentic yet modern experience on the island with raw beauty.

Photo courtesy of Pénde ©

It has a modern and forward-thinking management team composed of Serifos lovers aiming to share the passion for the island and celebrate life with guests. Being themselves offbeat people always searching for something fresh and sophisticated in many aspects - music, food, design, art - they have created a different accommodation option trying to get off the conventional way to offer an unforgettable island holiday experience.

Different Types of Accommodation on Offer

1. Pénde Natura Residences: Eco-Friendly Cottages with High Standards

The Natura Residences is an impressive 2.5 hectare property on top of a rocky hill overlooking the Kalo Ambeli fields. The land had a small traditional construction, typical of the island’s architectural identity: a keli. ‘Keli’ (ancient Greek: κελλίν) stands for a small room for shepherds to rest and keep their tools. Keli has been rebuilt in a conscious and sustainable way, respecting the environment that surrounded it for years and reconstructing it with the land’s own stone. 

Photo courtesy of Pénde ©

Mandri (ancient Greek: μάνδρα) which is next to Keli, used to be a small farm where cattle were kept and goat cheese was made. The residence has been designed along the same lines as Keli but giving more emphasis to indoor living and creating a more laidback luxury and contemporary ambience through eco-friendly, local and natural materials. The indoor area of both residences is open to outdoor terraces, which offer an impressive panoramic view to the Aegean Sea. The location of Natura Residences is one of the most breathtaking ones that the island offers as well as being in harmony with the surroundings. 

2. Pénde Suites: Mini Boutique Hotel Experience

Close to the port and therefore kind of more urban is Pénde Suites, with a redefined and minimalistic island architecture and style. It consists of five laid-back luxury Suites made for the modern traveler. They are located in Livadakia within walking distance of the beach and the Serifos epicenter: the port, where most of the island’s life unfolds. The design here is minimalistic, maintaining a refined touch of the Cycladic architectural style. Pénde Suites creates a relaxing and bohemian ambiance through careful aesthetics, neutral color palettes and natural materials. Thereby, custom-made massive chestnut wood furniture, light grey polished cement, and cotton and linen define the interiors. 

Photo courtesy of Pénde ©

Photo courtesy of Pénde ©

3. Pénde Villas: Combining the Aesthetic and Comfort of a Traditional Home

Three stunning villas with a traditional twist and family oriented. Located in Livadakia beach, these holiday villas have spacious terraces with beautiful panoramic views. Rustic and easy going, they are the perfect choice for long stays on the island. Each villa is entirely independent, and their beautiful kitchens are fully equipped to enjoy a ‘living like a local’ vacation experience.

Photo courtesy of Pénde ©

Photo courtesy of Pénde ©

For more information please visit their website on this link.


Among Serifos best hotels is Coco-Mat Residences, a traditional group of 13 houses in Vagia, the most magical beach of the island. These are completely sustainable spaces to enjoy visiting, gazing from and living in.


Photo courtesy of COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos ©


For the creation of COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos architect George Zafiriou managed to merge the authentic Cycladic architecture, the unadorned industrial order and the elegant eco-friendly aesthetics that defines COCO-MAT’s philosophy into a unique new style.

As a result, all spaces are full of natural light and completely in tune with their surroundings. With respect to the traditional island appearance and to the history of the original building and its earlier inhabitants, COCO-MAT followed the principles of bioclimatic architecture, securing natural air-conditioning in all accommodation.

Photo courtesy of COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos ©

Interior Design

COCO-MAT’s Interior Design Team has equipped every residence with the necessary furniture, beddings and utilitarian objects, all made with natural materials, such as cotton, silk, coconut fibres, natural rubber, herbs (eucalyptus, lavender), goose down, wool and linen. Patrons here are even given the opportunity to choose the type and the material they wish their mattresses and pillows to be made of, as well as their slippers’ size and whether they need a feather top duvet or not. 


Photo courtesy of COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos ©

Whichever apartment type you choose for your stay here, the whole vision of the hotel, the materials, the earth-toned decoration, the magnificent sea view, the natural air-conditioning and the ample natural light offers guests a very homely atmosphere.

Photo courtesy of COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos ©

For more information please visit their website on this link. 

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