Casa Leros 1850: A Hidden Gem in Leros

Casa Leros 1850: A Hidden Gem in Leros

We recently had the pleasure of chatting to the owner of Casa Leros 1850, Dimitris Georgiou, about an escape to their beautiful and traditional house located in Leros, Greece.

Casa Leros is a Greek summer island house nestled in Leros since 1850, featuring two bedrooms and two bathrooms, within a stone’s throw from the sea. This is a best kept secret of the island featuring a refreshing, authentic atmosphere where one can travel back in time and live the island life like a local. Continue reading to learn more about their inspiring story, daily life in Leros, and their future vision for this beautiful boutique gem, far from the madding crowds.

1. Tell us about the story Casa Leros 1850, how did it come to life?

Casa Leros 1850 is a recently renovated, old, traditional island house nestled under a tree in the bay of Alinda on the island of Leros in Greece. The house has maintained its initial structure dating back to the 19th century featuring wide stone walls and small windows.

2. What does run the hotel involve? What is your typical day there?

Casa Leros 1850 is a vacation villa rental ideal for families and couples seeking a private, serene environment, to experience the authentic island life in an off the beath path island such as Leros. Our guests have total privacy enjoying the house to themselves, us being available to reach out to anytime 24/7.

3. What do you like about living in Leros? What is the lifestyle like there all year around?

The great thing about Leros is that it is an island stuck in the past, and more specifically the 80s/90s. In all the hustle and bustle of the city-life and the modernisms, it offers a fresh air of sweet nostalgia from the past which is very relaxing on its own. The island has a meaningful population compared to other islands, serving several public services throughout the year, which is why some people elect to stay all year long.

4. What authentic local experiences do guests have access to?

Do not miss out the delicious fish taverns with the best fish you will ever have. Mylos fish tavern is a must-go with one-of-a-kind dishes overlooking the Medieval Castle. Also, one should certainly pay a visit to the Medieval Castle of Leros for a breath-taking sunset. And for the sea lovers, scuba diving in Leros offers a rare opportunity to view one of the few shipwrecks dating back from WWII.

5. Does your hotel have a philosophy? What does it represent?

‘Effortless luxury’, ‘live like a local’ and ‘less is more’ are mottos that best describe the ambience and ‘modus vivendi’ at Casa Leros. Ultimately, this is a place to relax, let go, and connect with yourself through the simple things in life, like walking barefoot, listening to the sound of the birds, feeling the Aegean summer breeze on your skin and enhance our senses by switching off the noise from typical everyday distractions.

6. What makes your hotel memorable and unforgettable? What will guests rave about to their friends and family?

The house’s design, architecture and style are to remember for. Its colours, miniature size, cosy garden, and proximity to the sea make it the ideal summer hideaway, while a large tree standing over the house offers great natural shadow all day long.

7. What is the atmosphere (interior style) of Casa Leros? Could you tell us about the overall concept?

The style is Greek/islandic with whitewashed walls and blue-sky colour details on the doors, windows, and wooden furniture.

8. Compared to other Greek Islands such as Mykonos or Santorini, Leros is relatively lesser known. Why should people visit Leros? What makes it special?

If you are looking for a traditional, authentic island life, Leros should then be on the top of your list. If one is looking for an off the beaten path summer destination, something unpretentious, to feel like a local, Leros is your place.

9. How many rooms are there? Could you tell us about their features and design details?

There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a small kitchen. Details are very islandic and rustic with simple white, wooden brown, or ciel colours, while all furniture in the interior are from wood.

10. What would you want to say about the gastronomic diversity of Greece? How could your guest live this experience in Leros?

The Greek cuisine is an extremely popular Mediterranean cuisine rich in vegetables and in fish, while Leros has undoubtedly to offer one of the best fish gastronomic experiences one has ever had. To put it differently, there are people coming to Leros for daytrips all the way from Turkey or other nearby islands just to taste the food in Leros.

11. What types of guests does it attract? (From which countries mostly, and age groups etc.)

Leros attracts all types of visitors, from families to couples, young and older, coming mostly from Turkey, Italy, and France.

12. In terms of COVID-19, what are your precautions you and Greece in general offer to visitors? Will Greece allow visitors this summer from all over the world?

Greece opens for tourism on May 14 allowing visitors from most countries if not all. Vaccinated guests have no restrictions to enter while non-vaccinated ones will have to enter with a negative test, but with no need to quarantine. At Casa Leros, we strive to keep it sparkling clean, offering sanitizers, while the outdoorsy life for which the house is ideal for, makes it even more comfortable and carefree to live in.

13. What is your vision/hope for the future of the hotel?

Our vision is to continue to offer the opportunity to our guests to have unique experiences at Casa Leros 1850 they will cherish for a lifetime. For the house and the island to be a source of inspiration to reconnect with the simple things in life. We will continue to try and stay authentic and offer an accommodation experience that is rare to find in today’s world.

14. What is a nice and unique Greek word or phrase you can think of that represents Casa Leros?

Αυθεντικό (which means Authentic in Greek). We try to stay true to the island’s roots and way of life.

15. Do you organize any special activities there for your guests?

We make recommendations for places to visit, eat, and activities to do (i.e., scuba diving, daytrips in nearby islets).


  • Beautiful experience in Casa Leros
    Nice and very comfortable!!
    Good ubication !!
    And nice garden too ..

    Gabriela Sacco
  • Hello, our friends, Giacomo and Dennj were there and they are very happy.
    Do you have avaibility for fews days, 4/5 days fo me, my husband and our son?
    Tks a lot

    Daniela Albano

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