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5 Ways for Selfcare in a Busy Schedule

We all know it, the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day. Our days are often packed with endless to-do lists, appointments and obligations. Time for ourselves often remains very little, if at all. Yet the so-called ME-time is very important. Here are 5 ways to bring a moment of slow-pace into daily life, without much effort.

In the Pursuit of Pugliese Elegance

Trulli La Pietraia and Carola fra I Trulli are two names resembling a magnificent geography: Puglia. Italian architect Carola Altamura, who recently renovated Trulli La Pietraia, a private villa, describes the happy summer days of his childhood and how this geography she was born and grew up inspired a unique home fragrance collection of Carola fra I Trulli.

escolhido: Chosen Authenticity

Meet escolhido: mindful creation of timeless, unique and personal spaces. The founders Jade Passey and Daniel Baker have revealed the background of...

Balear Deco: A Passion for Balearic Lifestyle

Balear Deco of Annelie Johansson and her partner in life and business, Dennis Johansson, reveals a lifestyle filled with  art, inspiration and cra...

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