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Lorenzo's Olive Oil: Centuries Old Mediterranean Tradition

In wonder of the millennia old olive oil harvesting, Robert Ransley takes us on a visual journey in the small agricultural town of Los Santos de Maimona, in southwestern Spain, to Lorenzo Guillen Candelario’s olive groves. Lorenzo is at least the fourth generation to work these groves to this day who traditionally toil the groves in the same manner as the Romans and the Greeks and those who went before.

Kalo Pascha: All About Easter in Greece

The Greek Easter holiday, or Pascha, is one of the most joyous and important holidays in Greece. Most people think that it deserves a bigger celebration than Christmas. The celebrations are very cheerful and with plenty of food.

Thirteen Superstitions from the Mediterranean

Discover how the Mediterranean countries are bound by common superstitious beliefs.

KILIM: A Traditional Element of Authentic Homes

Chic, hip, almost indestructible, and practical—vintage kilim rugs are purely authentic elements of living spaces. A beautiful rug can solve a mul...

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