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The Mediterranean Magazine has started off as a digital platform appreciating Mediterranean simple living, culinary art, travel, lifestyle, and authenticity. The purpose is to create one big Mediterranean family, who share the same passion for this region as well as what it represents, slow living, simplicity, nature, authenticity.

We were born, have been raised, and lived in this geography… We are eternally grateful to the culture, lifestyle, and beautiful simplicity this geography offers. We continue welcoming you to the Mediterranean with our slogan since the very beginning: "Your Mediterranean Home". 

We have been carefully selecting the content on our magazine and offering a quintessentially Mediterranean atmosphere. To make this feeling more accessible; we bring you the unique products of Mediterranean brands and works of local artists.

This is an ode to the Mediterranean lifestyle and a meticulously curated selection that supports the slow living concept and emotion with their identity. Here, you will find a natural selection of ingredients that represents the culinary art of the Mediterranean, wonderful handmade products, sustainable textiles, fresh fragrances, and many more. The purpose remains the same and clear: authenticity.

Explore the inspiring world of Mediterranean living and observe each brand, artisan, and craftsmen as we welcome their labour as an irreplaceable aspect of Mediterranean identity, bringing their voice to the world.

From Spain to France, Italy to Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, and many more, become a part of a history that has roots in antiquity. Surrounded by sacred olive trees and azure waters, ancient traditions, earthy tones welcome you on a Mediterranean Voyage.

You are invited to a delightful and timeless discovery.

"The Mediterranean Shop was born with a lust for quality over quantity in our everyday lives" – Founder, The Mediterranean Magazine & Shop, Mergim Ozdamar

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