Domaine de Cugis, Provence, France | Premium Chocolate Spread with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Domaine de Cuges-les-Pins in Provence, represented by Gilles Buisson-Bonifay, a family property owned for generations after the French Revolution at the time had its own oil mill, as well as an inn where Victor Hugo shared a gargantuan meal in 1839 along with Juliette Drouet. Of this experience, Victor Hugo writes a magnificent memoir in his travel diary:

“We can have a wonderful lunch at Cuges. There are clams instead of oysters, sheep's cheese instead of butter, and jujubes instead of plums, but the table is covered with becfigues (local bird) and robins, slices of grilled tuna, sea bream. Red mullet, purple figs, and pink grapes. All seasoned well with garlic and oil. "

At Domaine de Cugis, they are firm believers that olive oil passes boundaries of time and associate the product with Aion (Αἰών is a term taken from ancient Greek which means "destiny", "eternity"). Aion is the time of the pure instant, of the event, which continues to divide into unlimited past and future (Gilles Deleuze, French philosopher). Hence the brand’s name, L’Instant.

It is in this context, the desire to perpetuate this sharing of life, joy, and timelessness to unite all these dishes in a culinary art. This healthy and tasty extra virgin olive oil nectar reveals its aromas of fresh plums and almonds.

Domaine de Cugis and L’Instant Spread has been granted a Gold Award | Excellent Taste in Spread Category in 1st Period, February 2021 at Mediterranean Taste Awards.

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