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Oleosophia represents the wisdom of olive oil and the unification of two families of the old and the new. George, a well-travelled and down to earth IT engineer from an agricultural family with years of experience producing olive oil, and Marianna, a wilder spirited physicist from an urban family in Athens who just enjoys tasty and healthy food. The two always discussed about creating new things and how important it is to share your experience and combine the new with old. As the romance grew, so did the ideas, and 2 years later, in 2018, George and Marianna got happily married in a beautiful garden, having created Oleosophia.

Their family olive grove is located along the sides of Mount Fokas, near Corinth, Greece, and their village, Kalentzi, is the family’s base for three generations now. Blessed with a strategically mild microclimate and fertile land, the area offers a variety of products with excellent quality and authentic taste. Oleosophia is their family's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced by handpicked olives on family groves, ensuring consistency in quality, flavour, and aroma. It is a limited-edition product as the quantities are limited to each year's yield.

Read our interview with them, on this link.

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