Tradi Fresh

Tradi Fresh

Amyntaio, Greece | Quality Healthy Products

The company Tradi Fresh was established in September 2019 in Antigono, Florina and is based in Amyntaio, Greece. The company was founded by Ioannis Tsakiridis, as he was involved in the cultivation of the family’s farms from an early age. The valuable knowledge he acquired alongside with his studies in business administration gave him the opportunity to take advantage of this knowledge, both theoretical and practical, to get involved with the secondary sector.

The idea behind the establishment of Tradi Fresh came up two years ago after the commercial exploitation of this special local product “Florina’s red pepper”, to receive the value it deserves. Florina’s red pepper after many decades has finally been recognized by consumers globally as an extraordinary product regarding its taste and flavours as well as particularly important product for a balanced nutrition. They bring “Mother Earth’s treasures on your table.”

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