Damiano Collection

Damiano Collection is an artisan made loungewear and natural beauty accessories brand that promotes authentic living, comfort and wellbeing within the lives of modern women. 

Inspired by a Mediterranean way of life, easy silhouettes are carefully cut from natural washed silks to cultivate a wardrobe that effortlessly flows within a lifestyle of pure relaxation.


Slow living, natural healing, and being gentle with your body is the essence of Mediterranean living. I design each piece of the collection with these concepts in mind, while taking inspiration from my Greek and Italian heritage.

Damiano is my last name, and the name of the collection, carried from Sicily to America in the 1920's. I travel often to Greece, surrounding myself with family energy, local food, and a uniquely genuine perspective of life.

Low Waste
Artisan Made Woman Owned

Artisan Made is an intimate method of production. Each product is made in small batches with meticulous hands-on processes. This means that the utmost care was taken to create each individual piece, by people who love what they do. Making personal connections with each artisan is what creates the spirit of the Damiano Collection.

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Damiano Collection
Machine Washable 100% Silk Hair Turban For Sleeping
Regular price €48.00
Damiano Collection
Machine Washable 100% Silk Padded Eye Mask
Regular price €42.00
Damiano Collection
Raw Silk Exfoliating Cloth (3-Pack)
Regular price €20.00
Damiano Collection
Raw Silk Hair Towel For Natural Hair Care
Regular price €34.00
Damiano Collection
Raw Silk Hair Band
Regular price €23.00
Damiano Collection
The Silk Body Wrap
Regular price €148.00
Damiano Collection
Washed Silk Wrap Blouse
Regular price €168.00
Damiano Collection
Reversible Silk Hair Towel
Regular price €59.00
Damiano Collection
Raw Silk Easy Pant
Regular price €98.00

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